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She Becomes Unshakable



These are from a study we did as a Facebook Community.

Dive in and enjoy.

*Please note that giveaways mentioned in the videos are closed.

Join She Becomes Unshakable

FB Community HERE

Devotional Study Video Series

Next Steps for your faith expansion & breakthrough


Unshakable Women Membership

For women who love God,

want to deepen their faith and see themselves as they are-

a Daughter of The Mighty King


What to expect in the membership


Devotion Studies & Kingdom Mindset Workshops

to unveil your Inheritance as a Daughter of The Mighty King

*printable workbooks included

+ Giveaways



Praying in Authority Encounters

Practical Faith Activating Assignments

Journal Prompts aligning to the word of God

12 month Program & Guided Experience

Breakthrough to Overflow 

This online program is revolutionizing how

women experience true freedom!

This coaching program is for learners and women seeking healing to change negative generational cycles.  You will experience transformational healing, find purpose, create balance and walk in confidence.

This is for you if you are ready to live your life full of passion and intention, aligning to what God has in store for you as a Daughter of the King. 

A combination of self-paced study and 

weekly guided accountability.

+ Online Supportive & Uplifting Community

*Scholarships available for survivors,

see contact form below to apply

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