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Mentoring Women Leading in Business & Ministry that are called to make a Remarkable Impact in this World.


Welcome Beautiful,

Let's embark on a transformational journey to unlock your full potential and take your leadership to the next level.

As a Breakthrough Mentor, I am dedicated to partnering with 

Visionary Women Leading in Business & Ministry that are called to make a massive impact in the lives of many.

Together, we'll create a roadmap for your growth, break through obstacles, and elevate your leadership in current and uncharted territories with intentional strategy partnered with expanded faith.

Faith + Vision + Intentional Action= RESULTS

We are here to advance the Kingdom & to give God all the Glory.

It is an honor to link arms with you.


Coaching Packages
Unveiling the depths of
who You truly are...
one layer at a time
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12 month Membership & Guided Experience

Letting go what has been blocking you from fully operating in your God-Given Purpose & Unveiling the vision to live your life with complete intention. Unleash the ability to dream big and allow your dreams

space to become a reality.

A combination of self-paced study and 

weekly guided accountability.

Operating in Your
God-Given P
urpose with
complete Confidence 
Group Mastermind with Monthly Mentorship
Fully Operating in Your God-Given Purpose
with Complete Intention & Passion.
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Coaching & Mentor Certification
Fully Focused on Application of Kingdom Principles
1:1 Monthly Mentorship

Mapping out Courses & Coaching Offers
Marketing Strategy
Ongoing Support to Enhance your Client's Coaching Experience.

It's time to Pivot & Shift with
Flow and Ease as You Elevate to
Next Levels of Impact with
 Authority in Your Kingdom Assignment
1:1 High Level Mentorship 
Expansion Strategy with full support
Taking Her Dreams
to the Next Level of
Growth & Mastery in 
Business, Ministry, & Lifeswork

Expanding past Borders

Dreaming beyond Dreams

Owning Who She is called to be
and what She is to bring to the world

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A devotional that may radically change your life.

Be prepared to be inspired, completely empowered, and ready to take action on living a life full of purpose and action. 

+ Journal prompts
+ Focus scriptures
3 month
Productivity Planner
Leaving behind Hustle + Grind method & being burned-out
going after your goals while staying
highly focused on Jesus.

Kingdom Principles to put into action daily.
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Grab your FREE GIFT:
Printable Inspiration Cards to keep you focused on your identity as a Daughter of the Mighty King.
Contact Rose Here

Happy to hear from you. Rose will be in touch soon.

Wondering where to start with
She Becomes Unshakable Academy?

Rose can guide you to
the option that best fits
your needs and desires. 
"Investing in yourself can be intimidating. I am so glad I took the time to invest in me.  I have been feeling the validation, people are complementing me on my growth.  Rose has opened my heart to see my potential and worth.  I have learned how to conquer my fears and not let them hold me back. I started off with Breakthrough to Overflow Membership and instantly upgraded to She's Intentional Mentorship because I wanted access to 1:1 Mentor Calls. I am so happy I did that!

Heidi: Critical Care Nurse and Entrepreneur



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