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As a Breakthrough Mentor, I am dedicated to linking arms with christian women who desire living in true freedom and purpose.

Women like you, who are called to create generational impact in this world.

If a friend sent you here, it’s because they know there’s something special here for you.  Perhaps it’s to checkout the global movement,

She Becomes Unshakable that is empowering women to walk in their full potential as Daughters of the Mighty King or maybe you are here to experience beautiful breakthroughs in every area of your life by participating in Breakthrough to Overflow program.  Either way, I'm glad you are here.

Together, we will walk through a transformational journey breaking through barriers of self sabotage and past experiences that are holding you back from fully operating in your God-Given calling.

Buckle up for an empowering journey that will redefine your existence!

I am honored to link arms with you.


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Coaching Packages

Unshakable Women Membership

For women who love God, want to deepen their faith and see themselves as they are-a Daughter of The Mighty King


What to expect in the membership


Devotion Studies & Kingdom Mindset Workshops to unveil your Inheritance as a Daughter of The Mighty King

*printable workbooks included + Giveaways


Praying in Authority Encounters

Practical Faith Activating Assignments

Journal Prompts aligning to the word of God​


12 month Program & Guided Experience

Breakthrough to Overflow 

This online program is revolutionizing how

women experience true freedom!

This coaching program is for learners and women seeking healing to change negative generational cycles.  You will experience transformational healing, find purpose, create balance and walk in confidence.

This is for you if you are ready to live your life full of passion and intention, aligning to what God has in store for you as a Daughter of the Mighty King. 

A combination of self-paced study and 

weekly guided accountability.

+ Online Supportive & Uplifting Community

*Scholarships available for survivors,

see contact form below to apply


August 17th, Huntsville, AL

August 24th, Knoxville, TN

September 21st, Turlock, CA
1:1 High Level Mentorship 
Expansion Mindset & Strategy

Mentorship for Visionary Christian Leaders

This is for you in you are a leader in business or ministry and are called to make an impact in the lives of many,

You know you are ready to step into the next level of leadership, ready to expand your reach and turn your mission into a movement.

Private Weekly Mentorship Calls
+ in between audio support

additional resources.png
A devotional that will
radically change your life

Be prepared to be inspired, completely empowered,
and ready to take action on
living a life full of purpose
and action. 

+ Journal prompts
+ Focus scriptures
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Grab your FREE GIFT

Printable Inspiration Cards to keep you focused on your identity as a Daughter of the Mighty King.

To be placed on your desk, fridge, in your journal or wherever you desire to be reminded of how beautiful & valuable your truly are.
3 month Productivity Planner

Leaving behind Hustle + Grind method
& being burned-out
to going after your goals
while staying
highly focused on Jesus.

Kingdom Principles to put
into action daily.
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She Becomes Unshakable Podcast

This podcast is designed to empower Christian women who are hungry

for true freedom.


Let’s dive into transformative conversations and practical insights, equipping you with the tools to create generational impact and live a life grounded in unshakable faith.

Contact Pastor Rose Here

Happy to hear from you.

Pastor Rose will be in touch soon.

Wondering where to start?

Fill out the contact form and
Pastor Rose can guide you to
the option that best fits
your needs and desires.

* To apply for a Scholarship for
Breakthrough to Overflow program,
fill out the contact form and type "Scholarship"
in the message box.
"Investing in yourself can be intimidating. I am so glad I took the time to invest in me.  I have been feeling the validation, people are complementing me on my growth.  Rose has opened my heart to see my potential and worth.  I have learned how to conquer my fears and not let them hold me back. I started off with Breakthrough to Overflow Membership and instantly upgraded to She's Intentional Mentorship because I wanted access to 1:1 Mentor Calls. I am so happy I did that!

Heidi: Critical Care Nurse and Entrepreneur



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The movement; She Becomes Unshakable provides mentorship through Barn of Grace Ministries.

Barn of Grace Ministries is a 508 (c) (1) (A) non-profit faith based organization dedicated to

making an eternal impact in the lives of survivors of abuse and human sex trafficking by providing tangible resources & mentorship in building a relationship with Christ.
Empowering Women & families to breakdown walls and demolish strongholds as they truly understand the meaning of being Children of the Mighty King, breaking through to experience healing and hope.

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