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Mentoring Motivated Women to access Supernatural Breakthroughs in all areas on life; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

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You are here on purpose Beautiful...


I work with women from all walks of life and mentor them through Supernatural Breakthrough. 

As a Ministry & Business Breakthrough Mentor, I am fully committed to empowering women to dream bigger, breakdown walls

& equip with the tools needed to

live a life full of passion and purpose by applying Kingdom Principles.

Your life is about to shift in a great way.

It's time to create a life you love living.

It's time to step into the best version of YOU.

It's time to Breakthrough, Align, and Expand.

It is so nice to be connected.

Love & Hugs,

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Coaching Packages


Unveiling the depths of who She truly is...
one layer at a time

8 month Guided Experience

Letting go what is blocking you from fully operating in your God-Given Purpose & Unveiling the vision to live your life with complete intention. Unleash the ability to dream big and allow your dreams space to become a reality.

A combination of self-pace study and 

weekly guided accountability.

A devotional that may radically change your life. Be prepared to be inspired, completely empowered, and ready to take action on living a life full of purpose and action.
3 month Productivity Planner to get focused and clear on your vision, strategy to implement, and reflection... all while focusing on your
goals & Jesus
She steps into her
God-Given purpose with Confidence & Authority
Building Her Business with Purposeful Impact
Bringing Her gifts to the world
12 month Small Group Mastermind
Guided Strategy for rapid growth
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She makes an Eternal Impact by
Leading Leaders
1:1 Monthly Mentorship

For Coaches, Authors, and Ministry Leaders
She pivots & shifts with
flow and ease as she
elevates to next levels
Taking Her Dreams
to the Next Level of
Growth & Mastery in 
Business, Ministry, & Lifeswork

Expanding past Borders

Dreaming beyond Dreams

Owning Who She is called to be

and what She is to bring to the World

1:1 High Level Mentorship


Contact Rose Here

Happy to hear from you. Rose will be in touch soon.

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What Clients are saying about Linking Arms with Rose...

"Investing in yourself can be intimidating. I am so glad I took the time to invest in me.  I have been feeling the validation, people are complementing me on my growth.  Rose has opened my heart to see my potential and worth.  I have learned how to conquer my fears and not let them hold me back.  

Heidi, Entrepreneur



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